This is a buddies cinquain!

Great, nice

helping, reading, and playing

buddies are so cool



        By Grady, and Akshay


My Birthday!

On March 30 it is my birthday! For my birthday I got a Lego star wars set. And a Tom Brady jersey. And much more! We also went out to dinner to red robin. My birthday party is going to be at bull winkles.



Flat Stanley’s trip to the beach

Over spring break my teacher sent me and my class to take flat Stanley on a trip. For my trip, my family and I took flat Stanley to two beaches. One of them was in Washington and the other was in Oregon. In Oregon we went with are cousins and in Washington we went with our friends. It was so fun.

Hear are some pictures of flat Stanley on our trip!

IMG_2390 IMG_2380 IMG_2392 IMG_2376

Valentine’s Day!

I like it when Valentine’s Day comes. My class had a big party. We played bingo! Only three people got a bingo. I was one of them. I invited my dad.  We had breakfast too. We had lots of fun. After my dad left we past out valentines. I brought fun dip! After school my dad and my mom picket me up and we went straight to a place called black butte with two family’s. We stayed there for three nights and two days. We were there for Valentine’s Day! For Valentine’s day my mom got me some cool rocks. It was so fun!

Couplets To The Rescue from Jody Amri on Vimeo.